Around June 2018, a beautiful 5-year-old swept the hearts of everyone and sent social media on a frenzy. The young girl, later identified as Jare, a Nigerian whose pictures were shared on Instagram by a professional event photographer, was instantaneously declared the most beautiful girl in the world by social media.

Jare, no doubt, is a very beautiful young girl, possessing one of the most stunning pair of eyes the world has ever seen. Rich in melanin, her natural beauty caught everyone’s attention. Her eyes could throw anyone into a trance, with a single glance.

Though she wasn’t a professional model at the time the pictures were taken, her pose and posture were a complete definition of “flawless”and “effortless”, and we’re just breathtaking. Her pictures quickly went viral with tonnes of admiration and generated thousands of love and reactions, captivating people on social media in their hundreds of thousands. Everyone just had to agree that she was the most iconic young girl in the world.

The news of Jare as the most beautiful young girl in the world was also trending on the international news channels, blogs, and newspapers, and she was immediately declared the new Barbie.

The title “Most Beautiful Girl In The World”had always been given to light-skinned princesses, usually of European heritage, but history was made and broken when Jare became the first dark-skinned girl to wear the crowd and bear the title, in 2018. But this beautiful story was rather short-lived.

The news of Jare as the most beautiful and stunning young girl in the world was carried by some of the most renowned International news channels such as Yahoo, BBC, Daily Mail, UK, CNN, and many others. Everyone, especially the people of African origin were cheering the beautiful young on. But there was a jinx to this beautiful story which has left many people confused and rather perplexed.

Everyone had expected Jare to start recording huge modeling contracts, national and international. Top modeling agencies and companies from around the world were expected to come seeking Jare for modeling gigs. Jare was expected to travel the world and experience the crazy and busy lifestyle of a young model, much like her European predecessors, but everyone’s hopes and expectations were dashed on the ground when none of that ever happened.

Although Jare did record a few local modeling gigs every once in a while, everyone had much higher expectations for the young goddess, which sadly, we’re never met. Young Jare never recorded a single International modeling gig, to many peoples’ heartbreaking disappointment.

According to research, little Jare has only ever modeled for her photographer, Mofeba Moyinwa, who had taken it upon herself to find her local modeling gigs.

It’s still rather sad and disappointing that there has not existed even a single International fashion or modeling contract for young Jare. This becomes even more saddening because the reverse should be the case, but not for young Jare.

This raises curiosity, especially because Jare’s light skinned predecessors got some of the best international fashion modeling contracts, during their era as the most beautiful girls in the world.

The question on everyone’s mind right now is, why should our young Jare’s case be different?

I know many people would agree with me that little Jare deserves much better than a few local modeling gigs in Nigeria?

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