She was, she is, she becomes,
Who she already is, who she always was
Royal, Queen, Goddess, Phenomenal
She is Me, She is You, She is WE
Now let me tell ya who we be

We speak life into existence, We bring light from a distance
We share, We care, and carry on
Leaving you with some of grandma’s wisdom
And when necessary…we bring our ghetto..Leggo

We Queen up, we start up, we boss up, we rise up
We team up, we grow up, we level up, we light up
We work through, we see trough, we go through, we push through
We breath through, we come through, we shine through,
yeaa, we do that too

In a setback, we bounce back, we clap back
Instead of looking back, we make a comeback and still have yo back
We bend, we bow, We know when and how

We birth, we build, we buy Black
We take our time…don’t get it twisted now..we NEVER lose track
We age flawlessly cause…ya know…BLACK don’t crack

We bless, we bliss, we balance, we manage
We bond, we hunt, we upfront, we confront,
We tutor, we teach, we pray for each,

We earn, we learn, we transform, we triumph,
We guide and never hide our ecstatic

You see..
She, You, Me, WE
                      We got that thing called Black Girl Magic LuusMalbons ©

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