Breaking The silence Dianne’s story Part 1

Dianne's Story Part 1

Remember last time, Jane told her story about how she met Michael and how it all went down?. In her story, she mentioned me, Dianne. Jane described me as “an angry woman with a blanket of sadness over her”. That woman was me. Yes, was.  Here’s my story

breaking the silence

It all started Mid December 2016. While rushing to get back to my mom, a notification went off on my phone from a dating site that I usually ignore. I checked the notification and it was a very handsome guy named Julian. 

At first, I did not respond, but curiosity caused me to open the message anyway. When I opened the message, I saw this  gorgeous man wanting to speak with ME.. He sent  his phone number and asked me to call him. I hesitated for a minute, but then i thought “ why not?” I dialed his number and hearing his voice was very soothing,familiar, as if  I have heard it before.

He was very attentive to my every word, he complimented me on being soft spoken, and a bit humorous…. His voice was very soft, sexy, and I detected a slight accent at first that sounded like Northern then. He had a bedroom voice that gave me goosebumps…. My heart started to beat fast, and I was

mesmerized by his tone.. He sounded compassionate, sweet, loving, and he wanted to know about me, and who I am… We talked for a couple of hours mainly about me and very little about himself. During this first conversation, he admitted that he used a fake name and that his real name was Michael. He only used Julian,  because he hadn’t done that type of thing ever before…he said Julian was the name of the street he  once lived. I could relate to that, I never used a fake name on the sites because I thought that was being dishonest. I figured the  guys on the site could never get to me since I never used my last name. 

He went on telling me that he was just an average man,  he wanted to know all about me.  If I was married, or ever been married. We laughed about my joke about being married 2,5 times. I explained that I married the same man twice, so I couldn’t count him twice.  I enjoyed the conversation so much, I totally forgot about the time; I was supposed to be back at her place 2 hours ago. After getting off the call with Michael, I rushed to my mom’s place. She was already asleep. That night I  prayed to God, “thank you Lord, I think I have an answer to my prayers”. I had prayed for so long to the Lord, to send me a christian man who was a God Fearing man who could teach me the scriptures and we would grow within the Holy Spirit  and become one. That first call was the start of a series of daily calls several times a day.
Every day, I would rush to do what I needed to do , just to free my time and could sit down and call Michael again. We talked and never got bored of talking to each other. This seemed to be the perfect match. It was awesome. 

Michael was the perfect Gentleman and never said anything out of the way. I was beginning to look forward to his calls everyday. After the long nights and daytime  of talking to Michael I felt very comfortable with him.  He started to reveal  about himself more and we found out that we had a few things in common.  We both enjoyed walking in the woods, being outdoors…. Music and movies,just general things, I felt as if I knew him. 

We started talking about the scriptures and I was very surprised how he interpreted the scriptures and it all made sense. I started to realise that this man was sent to me, after praying so hard for a mate who would know the scriptures and who could teach me. My friend Steven,  at the time was the total opposite.

About one month later,around   mid January 2017,  Michael  invited me to the resort where he said  he was vacationing. It was only an hours drive from where I was living. I was hesitant to go  because of Steven, he and  I were “ hanging out” and it felt a certain kind of way about going to see another man. I thought about it long and hard and  I declined to accept Michael’s invitation.. Steven and I had a big falling out and to be honest, after that I thought I would never speak to him again. 

Michael called late that night, he  told me to just” come as I was and don’t put on makeup, don’t dress up  just come as you are”. I looked at the time, it was already 1:00 am. While I was preparing to go and meet him, a little voice told me I should at least tell someone where I was going.  Again I looked at the time, 01:00 am. I wrote down  the address  he gave me and left it  on my dresser together with  his name and number.   Just in case  he was a Serial Killer and I went missing, someone would at least have an Idea of where I was. I drove off to meet Michael. 


When I finally got there and saw him for the first time, I was surprised he looked younger than the pictures that I saw on Facebook. How could this be? He had curly hair, clean shaven  face, no facial  blemishes or shaving bumps, just clear smooth skin…gorgeous Man.. He was well built, nice legs and calves….very muscular. His smile was very pleasant. He greeted me with a hug, and a kiss on the forehead. I felt comfortable with that. I had no plans of coming here to sleep with a man that I only met for the first time. We never even FaceTimed or saw each other at all… only on the pictures we sent to each other.  We talked and laughed and really hit it off. I felt very comfortable with him…..We both started to get sleepy, before we knew it , it was about 7am and he told me to go get some rest.

I went to his bedroom and got into bed.

what makes us excited

It was a very nice bedroom, very nicely decorated, I took what looked like a million pillows off the bed and put them in the chair. I  put on an oversized tee-shirt that I threw in the bag. It felt good to hear him say  that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do. He  would sleep in the living room, I would take the bed. While I was  lying there in his bed, I was  thinking ”this is the one! I know he’s the man that God had sent to ME!” While lying there in my thoughts….Michael  came in and asked if I needed anything…. I told him  I’m good. 

He sat down on the side of the bed and talked to me for a few mins. He gave me a hug and this time he kissed me on the cheek, I felt this smooth skin on the side of my face and I looked into his eyes, our lips  met  and I kissed him on the lips, just a soft closed lip kiss. After this kiss, I thought he was going back to the living room,  but he got to the door and  started to undress right in front of ,me


While he was undressing I undressed him with my eyes…..This man had thighs that could crack walnuts, and other parts that made my body Throb….he was sexy, hairless body,he was really ready to get down to business if you know what I (seen) MEAN!  The way he was looking at me I melted…. he got into bed, he started to kiss me  and this time he did not hide his tongue, he slowly helped me get out of my oversized shirt while even slower kissing my neck.

He slowly went down to my shoulders, he took my breast  in his strong little hands as if  he was introducing them to each other  kissing them in turns, one then the other then slowly bringing  them together to kiss them both at the same time. He slowly went lower while kissing and touching my body …lower, kissing my belly button while he slowly removed my panties. He kissed his way to my subway  and did things that R.Kelly didn’t  even sing about. OMGOODNESS!!!!! I  opened my eyes, looked towards HEAVEN and thought…Thank you, I needed this MAN!!!!! Sweaty and  exhausted, he fell asleep on my tummy…. and that’s where he was when I woke up.

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