Breaking the silence Dianne’s story part 2

Dianne's story part 2

breaking the silence


After my first night with Michael I started to develop feelings for him, he was so strong,  it was almost unbelievable but so inviting.

“How could he sleep with me and still be the man I had prayed for”, I asked myself. It made me curious. I quickly erased it from my mind., in my mind,  I had a million scenarios of how this could go wrong.

Michael surprised me by telling me that he never sleeps with a woman if he is not to marry her. What did that mean? That he intended to marry me? That I was going to spend the rest of my life with this gift from God? This gentleman, strong, softspoken sexy know how to rock my world guy, all mine? 

Not long after our first night, Michael and I started to study the scriptures together. He taught me how 

“my Christianity” was pagan. He told me to forget everything I ever learned, he was going to teach me the truth, the only truth. 

I was blown away because prior to meeting him, I was in search of the truth. I doubted the preachers I had been listening to and wanted to understand what the scriptures were really saying.

 About two weeks after our first night, Michael invited me again. This time I did not waste a moment and I rushed to see him. I remembered our first night, the secure feeling I had, the thrill I had that night, and the satisfying feeling when I woke up the next morning with him on top of me.

So, yes! When he invited me again, I did not hesitate. The thought of leaving a note behind in case I would go missing did not even cross my mind.  I was going to see Michael again and I was looking forward to another good time.

I got there early in the evening and he cooked for me. We ate, we talked, we ended up having sex again and fell asleep in each other’s arms. We both woke up in the middle of the night, and we started to talk. The conversation was good, all of a sudden I did not answer a question to his liking. And this is when everything changed. The expression on his face, the tone of his voice, the loudness of it. Michael started shouting and calling me a child. He was screaming to the top of his lungs about me not answering his question. Was  I dreaming, was this really happening? What happened to this gift from God? Where was his gentle and understanding voice? Where was the sexiness? Oh my God, what is this? After the shock of his shouting, I actually forgot what the question was. I opened my mouth and asked him what the question was. I really did not remember the question. I think it must have been the  shock. Never in my life, I had someone, let alone a man shouting to me like that.  The minute I asked him what the question was, he shouting started again. He shouted and screamed at me to the point I was in tears literally.

I did not know what was going on or what he was going to do to me if I didn’t remember the question. The shouting went on for hours, it froze me. I did not know what to do, I did not dare to move, all I could do is cry. When I finally had the courage to get up and leave, he refused to let me go. He told me I should not leave, it would not be good for me. What did he mean by that? It would certainly not be good to stay, that is one thing I knew for sure. I stayed, my heart was not at rest, I just sat there. After a while, Michael asked me the question again. Right after answering the question, he responded “now get some sleep”. 

I was exhausted. I lay down and must have fallen asleep. I woke up with him on top of me trying to make love, or should I say, to have sex, and I just couldn’t.  I politely asked  him to please get off me and he complied. 

He went into the living room… I got up and got into the shower and got dressed. I tried to stay as calm as I could while I walked into the Living room. Michael sat there, looked up, and asked me how I slept. Was this guy for real? Did he really ask me how I slept? I stayed calm and told him that I did not get much sleep. He immediately started to raise his voice again. This time, I stopped him and said NO! please don’t start that again or I will leave. That did not help. Michael kept on shouting about nothing. 

As fast as I could, I went into the bedroom, got my things, and headed to the door.  “you better not leave Dianne”  he shouted. I turned around, looked at him, and said “Bye Michael”. I rushed to my car. I was shaking and did not settle down until I was away from there.

I did not hear from him for months!  I was glad because he really scared me that night. The rage in him, his shouting at the top of his voice right in my face, all because I didn’t answer a question the way he wanted me to. What happened that night? What on earth was that? Was this how he really is?  

I almost forgot about him, then one night,  my phone rang. I looked at who was calling and low and behold it was Michael! Why was he calling me after all these months? Should I answer?. Was he calling to apologize? All I knew, was that I was not in the mood for another shouting from him. I let the phone ring. 

It would be too easy if he left it, so the next morning he called again. To my surprise, he told me that 

I needed to reconcile for leaving after he told me not to. “You acted like my ex-wife by leaving,” he said. he continued.  “Because you walked out, things can never be as they were between you and me. We can only study the scriptures together and whatever was to become of us will never be”, he said. 

I agreed, and we started to study again together. Not being in an intimate thing with Michael worked better for me. I didn’t have to see him,  only talk with him on the phone. 

All of a sudden, Michael started to show a lot of interest in my mom, well actually, he wanted to know how often I was there. He knew I took care of her on a daily basis. My brother and I took turns in this; he would come and relieve me on Wednesday and I returned on Friday night. So from Friday till Wednesday, I was at my mom’s place. He started to ask more questions about my personal life how much my rent was and my car note. It was not only the last week of April when it became clear why he was asking me all these questions. Michael offered to pay my rent and utilities if I in return would let him stay at my place since I was hardly there.

I told him that I was planning on give up my place and move in with a friend to help her with rent.  I will pay you to let me stay there because I will leave the resort on May 5th. I agreed and started to move my personal things and clothes from the apartment.

The day before he would arrive,  I cleaned the apartment, moved out my final things to my Friend’s house. We were excited about being roommates, we talked about having get-togethers, cooking, and entertaining. Then the phone rings, when I looked, it was Michael. He needed gas money to get to my place, he was hungry and needed money for food. I asked him  how much.” I need $50” he replied, “ I will give it to you next week when I give you the rent money”.


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