Breaking The Silence | Dianne’s Story Part 3

Breaking the silence | Dianne's Story Part Three

I sent the money to Paypal as he asked and he thanked me saying “see you tomorrow”. It never crossed my mind to think that, if he does not have gas money to get here, how on earth is he going to pay rent.?

Diannes story Part three

The next morning Michael Called and told me he was going to leave at 5 pm because of check out time. It was about 2 hours drive, so that means he would arrive at about 7 pm.  I was actually glad to see him when he arrived. He hugged me and started to take his suitcases out of the car.  We went inside and I showed him around. He expressed that he was very surprised my house was clean. What surprised him, even more, was the fact that  I had a stocked kitchen. He knew I was only there for 2 days a week, but I bought groceries as if I was living there on a daily basis. 

I left him to unpack and get settled. Later that evening he called to ask where he could find some things and to say good night.  As he was settling in, I gave him his space and tried to be away of the house as much as possible.

During that time, I  didn’t bother him, he would call every day to continue the scripture studies. In the meantime, I started to go to my new place with my roommate Sarah more often.diannes story part two

Sarah was getting curious about who this Michael really was, every now and then she would ask about him.  One day she asked to meet him. He agreed and we went to the house. While we sat on the patio enjoying some wine having a nice time, my daughter came by with her boyfriend. We all enjoyed the pleasant get together until Sarah asked the wrong question about the scriptures. 

She and Michael got into a discussion and the crap hit the fan!. Michael started to show his real ugly self again. While he was arguing with Sarah in a really heated manner, my daughter gave me the “ where did you get this Idiot from” look.  The whole situation was so embarrassing and uncalled for.

I told Michael we should go and we did. Immediately when we got in the car, he started shouting and telling me I need to get away from this heathen and never “fellowship” with her again.           I was so confused! What was this again? I didn’t know what to think, I went back to talk to Sarah and she was pissed off. She told me I needed to put this crazy man out of my house. “This man is a SCAMMER,” she said. I tried to calm her down and assured her he was not a scammer. And besides, he was only going to be there for a few months. She was fit to be tied after he screamed and called her all kinds of wickedness…..It was horrible.  Sarah was so furious, I tried to talk to her, but she refused to talk to me.

After a couple of days, we finally talked. We actually had a very good and nice talk and during that, we decided to take a road trip. We needed some fun time after this happening. We both needed to unwind and get some of that positive energy back. We went to the Casino, had a very good time. Maybe a little bit too good. I noticed Sarah was drinking a lot!  

On our way back home, of course, I was driving since Sarah was heavy on the liquor. Sarah was in the passenger seat acting pretty strange. I am not sure if it was the liquor talking, but she started to tell me she loved me and wanted to marry me.  Jesus! Give me strength! What on earth was this now? Is this woman serious? I decided not to respond to that so I said nothing. But my brains where making overtime. “Is this why she has always been so protective of me?” “This is not a good relationship and I  have no business being this woman’s roommate”, I remember thinking. I did not wait for a moment,  I moved my clothes and told her this was a mistake.  Sarah got really upset now, she started to yell at me. “Michael didn’t give you the money, right? I told you he was a scammer, He should be ashamed of himself using you like that!! You should put him OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!!!!” She kept going on and on about Michael. This was too much, why is she attacking him like that? I decided I did not have to stay there and listen to all her accusations about Michael, so  I left and never looked back. “Glad to be gone” I would respond when someone would ask about it. 

Diannes Story

Late June 2017

In the meantime, Michael and I were getting along better than ever. No more rebukes, no confusion at all. Since I did no longer lived with Sarah,  I started going to the house  ( my house) more often. Michael, during that period,  started a new business with an old business partner. He talked to me about it and it was quite interesting.  I never did any type of network marketing before, but it was quite exciting. I decided to join him. 

We hit the floor running with this new opportunity. He did quite well building his team… we both were excited. As the weeks went on I came over on Wednesday as I had for a few weeks.  All of a sudden, Michael told me that for appearance sake I needed to just stay at my Mom’s house so the neighbors wouldn’t think we were Co-Habituating. 

Keep in mind, this man that was in my house and had not paid rent even once was telling me I had to leave MY HOUSE because it didn’t LOOK RIGHT to the Neighbors. I don’t know what was wrong with me then. And I know, you reading this are asking the same question “Dianne girl, what is wrong with you”?
Anyway, I told Michael I understood and that I would just stay at my mom’s house. 

I decided to tell my brother that I  would not need him to come and relieve me anymore because I was going to stay fulltime with mom as opposed to staying with Michael. He was so happy he didn’t have to help out anymore that he didn’t say a thing about how I was letting this man push me out of my own home.

Every day I would go over to pick  Michael up. We would go to coffee shops and work on our business from there.  It was indeed a different kind of thing, this business that he was building. Different than I was used to but very challenging and interesting. 

I remember one afternoon, we would have an overview at the house. He informed me that a lady would come over to the house and join us. He also invited others but they would be joining online.  We were just getting ready for the meeting when a knock came to the door, I opened the door and there she was. I welcomed her with “ you must be Linda,   come in Michael is setting up” She looked at me and asked  “Who are you? I came to see Michael…is he here?” Not realizing the tone I got at first, I responded “ yes, do come in we will be starting shortly”. 

She came while  Michael was on the phone, I said, “I’m Dianne”, reached out for her hand. She looked at my hand and looked away.  I stood there with my hand up, Imagine my thoughts about this crazy woman. It seemed she warmed up after the overview, Michael was signing someone up and she started talking about this business. All of a sudden she switched to Michael and said  “well I came here a few times before, you weren’t here and Michael prepared me dinner a couple of times”. “I live just a few miles from here. He’s been to my house and cooked for me as well”, she continued.  Right away the light bulb came on. This was why he put me out of the house using his co-habituating “excuse. Michael finally got off the phone and properly introduced us. He introduced her to me as “a customer of his who wanted to do the business from the building a team aspect “. He introduced me as “this is Dianne’s house and I am her guest.

All the hot air that was in the room turned cold. Linda turned red, purple, and black. She stood there for a second and then turned to Michael. “I ordered my products and did not receive them. I’m going to cancel my order and cancel my whole contract with this Mel-Bullshit and don’t ever call me again” She grabbed her bag and as she was walking out the door I could not resist saying in my little girl’s voice, Bye it was nice meeting you” I went back inside and asked, “What pissed her off?”  He looked at me and said, “What did you say to her?”  What? Was this guy serious? Did he want to turn and blame this on me? Is he for real? So, he has not been honest with her, and now wants to accuse me of saying something that pissed her off, really Michael? 

See, what I found out is that Michael started with Linda when he was at the resort “vacationing” before he came living in my house. Linda thought he moved here to be close to her and continue their relationship.  Linda was hurt because Michael never mentioned the fact that he stayed at my house. Michael never mentioned me as the owner of the house she visited multiple times. And even though Michael and I did not have anything going on after our last “get together”, I mean come on, would you believe that he and I were like brother and sister…REALLY??? My own family had a hard time believing this. Although true, no one believed it.

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