Breaking the silence… part 5 (Dianne’s story)

There is nothing righteous about you

So, Edward agreed on not confronting Michael, but then  Michael called him and asked him to be a witness,   because he had charges against me.

I had left the house and was out when Edward called and told me he was on his way to my house. He begged me to be there too. I decided to go and pulled up at about the same time Edward arrived. 

When we entered, Michael was on the video call with Jane getting ready for fellowship. While Jane was waiting on the call, Michael started to tell Edward that he had a charge against me.  Michael muted the call so that Jane could not hear the conversation. It seems as if, although she was a part of the fellowship, Michael did not want her to know what was going on.  Michael proceeded to tell Edward that I needed to repent and reconcile to him. I could see by the look on Edwards’s face that he did not agree with what Michael was saying. But he kept calm and asked Michael to explain what it is that I did.  Michael interrupted Edward by saying “all you need to do is sit there and be quiet….you’re not to speak.”  Edwards’ whole face was saying “What is wrong with this man”?. All this time, Jane was still muted and patiently waiting. She did start to sense that something was wrong. Michael noticed that Jane started to sense something was wrong, so he quickly cut her off the call. 

By this time Edward was getting a bit annoyed by the way Michael tried to handle him. Edward told Michael, that he knew the scriptures as well as he, and said there wasn’t anything righteous about what he was doing, how he was treating me. 

Edward stormed out of the house and I left right behind him. I knew I would not be able to stay there without rebuke from Michael, and that was the last thing I needed right now.

I waited until after midnight to go back to my place. Still not in the mood for Michaels rebukes, I got in, and went straight upstairs  to bed. 

The next morning I got up early and left before Michael woke up.  I stayed away until I got a phone call from Edward saying he was on his way to my house. What happened the day before got him so agitated, “I can not leave things as they are”. He said. I decided to join him, and  met him  at the house.  I begged  Edward not to tell Michael that I had told him everything. 

He could not promise  me anything of the sort. 

As we both walked into the house, Michael looked up and was very surprised to see me there with Edward. He greeted Edward as always, but  Edward was a little standoffish towards Michael.


Michael started to explain about the day before, He said “Edward, when I called you as a witness,  It was for you to hear me voice my charges against Dianne and that’s all”. Edward cut him off and said “that’s not what the scriptures say” “I know what the scripture says”, Michael cut him off, this is when Edward stood up and told Michael to sit down and listen. 

“I am here on behalf of  my sister Dianne. We had a long talk and she told me everything” Edward continued. Michael in his turn now started to get loud and Edward told him to stop shouting. This made Michael shout  even louder. Edward sat down and let him scream to the top of his lungs. “This is a set up”, Michael shouted ,”you didn’t come because I asked you to be a witness, you two had this planned all along”. Edward told Michael to sit down and just listen. 



I am here, because it is Dianne who has a charge against you”, Edward told Michael. Michael, of course, looked surprised and asked What charge I  could possibly have against him, since he did not do anything to me.  For starters”, Edward continued as if he did not hear Michael, “you have lived here in her house for more than two years, you never paid rent, utilities, bought groceries, or Anything!. You treat her like a slave, you talk to her any kind of way and there is nothing righteous about you in any way. YOU need to repent from your wrong doings”. Michael was furious, his eyes spit fire while he continued to shout at the top of his lungs “You have no right to talk to me like this” Edward’s calm response was “you are the one that has no right to treat this Sister the way you have. You have used her for two years, and it stops today”. It became a back and forth between the two, and I sat there and watched this all evolve before my eyes. 


How on earth did it get to this? My mind quickly took me back to my first conversation with Michael, the so-called “gift from God”. the well spoken, soft spoken gentleman. Where did that all go, what happened? I snapped out of my daydream when I heard Michael demanding Edward to leave the house.

Edward: “I will leave right behind you”

Michael: “I’m not leaving”

Edward: “Yes you are,  I will sit right here while you gather your things and get out of this woman’s house.”


Michael started pacing the floor,  looking very anxious he started to shout at Edward again, while looking at me as if he expected me to tell Edward to leave. I did not move a muscle!. He ranted and raved, pacing back and forth until Edward said” I can call the Police, they can make you leave….but you don’t have ID, maybe they will report you to Immigration, then they can send you back where you came from”. I guess this woke Michael up, he lowered his voice and asked “ What do you want me to do Edward?” Edward replied “You need to pay Dianne her money, then you need to repent for your wickedness,get your things and  get out of her house.” 



Michael looked at Edward and said: “OK I repent!!! Alright there you got it!!”

he said, while walking through the house.  “That doesn’t sound like you mean it”, Edward said. 

“I did what you asked,  I repented” Michael responded. Edward looked at him with disgust. “I can not  believe you are teaching the scriptures,  you don’t live by what you teach. You have used Dianne for years!”Edward said. “I have done her no wrong”, Michael responded. Yes, Michael always tried to talk as if he was living in the middle-ages. Using words nobody uses nowadays. It made him feel better, smarter than others. I just thought it made him look old and ridiculous. .  Edward turned to him a little surprised and said “You just said you repented, what were you repenting for?” “ I was just doing what you asked so you could leave, was Michael’s response”

Just get your things and get out” Edward continued. This time Michael realised that Edward meant business and that he did not plan to leave before he did. “I don’t have anywhere to go”Michael said. He turned to me and started to talk to me, the first time since I got into the house. He looked at me and asked if he had done me any wrong doings.  I said yes you have Michael, you did all the things Edward said. You have threatened to Hurt me really bad, and you even said  If you killed me you would be right in doing it. While saying this, I started to feel more disgust for the man I thought was “the one”. “you don’t have any right to touch her in any way! You are not acting like a righteous man, You are acting like a Pharisees.  You are an evil man” Edward said. 


“If you don’t leave right now you are not my brother, you will become my enemy. You will be put out of the fellowship” 

Michael somehow still did not understand the position he was in. instead of humbling down, he rose up with the pompous attitude he had when he tried to overrule someone. 

 Edward however was not impressed at all. “ And  if you don’t repent and pay Dianne for living off of her for the last two years, you will be put out of the fellowship”. 

Michael chuckled, his eyes widened and said “you can’t put me out of the fellowship”

“ You are out of the Fellowship…now get out of this house!”Edward replied.  Michael was enraged! He started to rant and rave like I had never seen before. Edward on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber

I got up, looked at Michael and said “Okay, you don’t have to leave…. I will move out and you can stay here” I was trying to solve this situation. I did not want Edward to call the police. With the attitude of Michael, he would be killed by a police bullet in no time.  I visualized Michael walking the streets homeless and being stopped by the police. He would respond to their questions in an arrogant way, since they would not be “one of the chosen”, this for sure would make him end up dead.  I did not want that on my conscience.


Edward looked at me and said “NO! you should not have to leave, he is the one who doesn’t belong here” I said, he doesn’t have anywhere to go, I would not be able to live with myself if I allow the Police to get into this mess I have caused.

How did you cause this? I promise you, this is not your fault”, said Edward. “It is Michael who is held accountable for all  this unpleasantness. 

I asked Edward to come outside with me…. I told him thank you for trying to talk to Michael, but I  think I will move and let him have this place. I was ready for a change. Edward told me if I needed him, he was just a phone call away. He  left and I went back inside. When I came back in, Michael was sitting there looking really angry. This  was the first time that I wasn’t afraid of Michael anymore, His Bark was worse than his bite. He asked me to sit down, and let’s talk. He said that  this should have never happened. How dare he ( Edward) come here and make these accusations against me. I looked at Michael and said, everything he said was true. I told no lies on you. Why would you tell him all these things about me? He asked. 


“You told him things that I only told you” .

Like what”, I asked. 

“That I don’t have a passport nor ID” he wanted to continue but I said  hold up! you told that in one of the Fellowship meetings….remember?  Michael started shouting  again “ I never said that in a meeting” I stayed calm and  reminded him of the time he did. It took some time, but he remembered. 

“Do you want me to leave?” He asked.  I said:  Like I said, I will leave.  Mr. Landon will let you rent this place because he likes you and he knows you. Michael started shouting and raving about him not being an  American and can not rent without ID. “ I am  not from here Dianne”He yelled. I looked at him and said “Mr. Landon knows that,or did you think he did not notice your accent?” Michael was sure he would not do it. I said Stop Judging him, I will ask him. I’m sure he will do it. 

Things calmed down, I went out to think about everything that happened that day and the day before. I just needed to wrap my mind around this.  When I came back Michael told me that I was to blame for Edward and his outburst. Edwards blood is on your head, and you  dismantled the Fellowship. This all is not looking good for you in the eyes of Yahweh” he told me. 

Well,  I only went to Edward because you wouldn’t talk to me., and also because you grabbed my arms and shoved me down and told me you would kill me and be right by doing it. I was afraid to stay in my own home” I said. Michael did not even listen to what I said. It did not matter, I was to blame for this whole thing. Tired of even trying to make him see,I went up stairs and stayed there all night

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