Christine is being Natural in Suriname

Christine is being Natural in Suriname

My name is Christine Madan, 22 years old and I was born in French Guiana, but raised and live  in Suriname. I am a primary school teacher and also a student in the evening training for teachers, where I also take English and Spanish as optional subjects.

I love cooking,  listen to music, designing hairstyles with my own hair, and dancing. I currently dance and  in a group called Elohîym dancing Warriors. I am very proud to day that I am the leader of this group.

I love my natural hair! and I would love to be an inspiration for other ladies with natural hair. My hair is my crown, without this crown I would not be able to perceive my real beauty. 

I’ve been natural all my life. I have never permed my hair because I am afraid it will never be the same again if I would perm it. I do occasionally put on a wig.

I feel free with my own hair. I  love to create different hairstyles, preferably on Sunday when I go to church. I also love to experiment with products. I create  my own hair products by mixing up exsiting products. luckily they have all turned out pretty good and work very well on my hair.

My mother has always been my inspiration

In recent years, more and more people have come to realize that their natural hair is a blessing from God and I personally think, that a woman is e always more beautiful with her own hair. Of course,  if they know how to handle it. 

I get my inspiration from several sources, bloggers on youtube, Facebook-  such as kroeshaar en zo, the natural hair club NL, natural hair Suriname, etc.
My mother has always been my source of inspiration since childhood. She took care of my hair from a very young age.  We had outr own hair ritual on Saturdays. She would wash, grease with oil and then on Sundays she would take her time to braid it, so that I was ready for school on Monday.

 Eventhough there are calibrated natural hair care workers in my country,  I prefer  take care of my hair myself.
I try everything to maintain and grow my hair and that works well for me. I love the journey I have with my hair,  I discover something new every time.

I was never teased at school or in my circle of friends about my hair or something, as far as I know, everybody loved and accepted my hair. I got nothing but positive reactions from people around me.   I want to be an ambassadeur for natural hair and encourage everyone to embrace their natural hair. your hair it is a blessing from God.  Take care of  your hair, then you will see the beauty of it.

One thought on “Christine is being Natural in Suriname

  1. It is particularly unique when the black woman has her own hair these days.
    A lot of frizzy hair is ruïnes by bad product. The black woman should be more proud of her hair.

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