COVID-19, NOT SO BAD (…Nigerians lament)


On the 27th of February 2020, the first coronavirus case was reported in Nigeria. Since then, their have been palpable fear and tension in the country. As the day goes by, the number of cases and death  increases, so do the fear and tension increases too. But judiciously analyzing the situation, one will realize that convid-19 is not so bad.

Like a teacher , COVID-19 has come to teach. COVID-19 has come to teach our leaders and aristocrats that no matter how affluent You’re, Your home, Your place of origin, where You come from is the most important. We live in a clime where the leaders and aristos treat their constituency with arrant neglect and abandoned. Now COVID-19 has come to send everybody back to His/Her constituency. The hospital they neglected and abandoned is now the hospital they are been treated at. If not for COVID-19, I don’t think there will be anything that will concern this class with the hospitals in their constituency. They never saw it coming, they never thought about that. They never thought that anything will ever concern them with the hospitals in their constituency. But thanks to the great teacher COVID-19.

Now to our average class, men and women(especially the men) who have made other places of their dwelling more comfortable and peaceful than their home. They believe that place is the most important. But COVID-19 has come to teach them that no place is more important than Your home.

COVID-19, not so bad. COVID-19 has offered some families an opportunity to spend enough time together. The hurly-burly of life has denied some families an opportunity to spend enough time together. Thank God for COVID-19, that has forestall this boisterousness for the moment. For these families, if not for COVID-19, the opportunity of spending enough time together is not forthcoming.

COVID-19 the great teacher! At the onset of these whole coronavirus caused upheaval and pandemonium in our society, Reno Omokri postulated in one of His tweets that “coronavirus has come to teach the world that God is not in buildings, but in us”. What a didactic and thought provoking postulation He made there. Indeed God is not ONLY in buildings, but also in us. Because the worship buildings are closed, but God’s ear is still open.

A disease that it’s survival rate is higher than its fatality rate can  never be utterly condemned as bad. A death that kills mostly the elderly, can never utterly be condemned to be a bad death. COVID-19 draws to the grave those who are closest to the grave.

A disease that relatively spares the poor and  mainly attacks the rich can never be utterly condemned as bad. The precedent has become for many a problem that confront the world to engulf the poor, whilst the rich sit on the fence and watch. But coronavirus came and decided to make a paradigm shift and has become an unprecedented quagmire that sinks the rich, whilst the poor sit on the fence and watch.


Lastly, coronavirus is not the worst disease confronting our world today. The worst disease confronting our world today is man’s inhumanity to man.

“Sit  at home” or “home arrest”?

Since the beginning of these whole coronavirus gale, “sit at home” has been the new mantra, chanted at all medium of public enlightenment.

The government have lockdown activities and forced the citizens to sit at home. I don’t condemn the “sit at home” order. It is a very good measure to curb the spread of the pandemic. But has government put down stratagems to make “sit at home” possible for citizens?

“Sit at home” when there is no electric power? It may interest the reader to know that as at the time of writing this piece, this author has not seen electric power in His household and neighborhood for like two days now. “Sit at home” when the browsing networks are frustrating? “Sit at home” when the government through the communication companies have not deem it germane to dash data or do a whooping data promo for citizens? All these are enticements that can help the citizens relish the “sit at home”. Without all these, the order will be “home arrest” and not “sit at home”.

What about the most affected of this “sit at home” order? Those who their  daily bread is dependent on their daily earnings. The business men and women, the artisans. What measures have government put in place to ameliorate their condition and bring succor to them? To make matters worse, the price of things in the market have skyrocketed. The citizens are now fighting two enemies- coronavirus and hardship.

All those who stand by the truth can affirm with me that government have enough wherewithal to make this order a “sit at home” for citizens and not a “home arrest”. God heal the world.

Angus Isigbo


Isigbo Angus is a Nigerian.  A graduate of Anatomy, Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He is a one time ESUT press Chief Correspondent medical college.He writes to right the wrongs.

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