Do you have a quote you like or go by in life? What is it and why do you like this quote? How does it help you?

Yes, I have a quote that I coined myself after many year of experience which says


Dudu Manhega

This quote helped me to not crumble whenever I failed at anything or performed below expectation. It made me take failure as part of the journey and to draw lessons from it.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your passion, your profession

I was born and raised in Bulawayo,Matabeleland in Zimbabwe on the 6th of January in 1981  I grew up in a burst of culture and music from both sides of my family, the most influential being my maternal side. This grew the passion for music in me. At the age of 6 in primary school I had my first encounter with guitar accompaniment from a school teacher Mr Siwela,from then on I was in the choir ,in plays and the arts just grew on me.

At the age of 16 I was already singing with a band ,by 20 I was singing with Oliver Mutukudzi and touring…it was clear that I was born to be in front of crowds. At 22 I left Tuku to go solo with my own band. We started to tour within the first 5 years of going solo, which I consider such a blessing. As I grew,  I realized that my passion was for people, I wanted to see change, transformation in people’s lives.  I was angry about many injustices in the world and I sang about them and spoke about them, particularly issues around women and children. As I matured,   I realized that changing the world is not about appearing on big platforms to try and influence those who are already affluent to help change the world. I realized that real change happens at individual level.I then got into pastoral ministry where I reach out to individuals at grass roots and encourage them to realise that they have the power within themselves to activate change by the power of God ,their creator.

Describe your business and how you started

Dudu Manhega lifestyle

My company name is PULSE CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, we are into arts and community development by focusing on talent  identification and management. As a creative entrepreneur I saw that there were gaps in the creative industry. I started out as a performer on stage but realized that there was much more. Now I have expanded to being a music producer and trainer. The work is so diverse I would need pages and pages to discuss it.

How long have you been in business and what was your trigger to start?

 I have been in the industry for 23 years, I can’t identify the exact trigger but I feel that it was really a calling to be in the creative industry, I don’t think I would have succeeded in running away from it and doing anything else.


What hurdles did you have

 The main hurdle in Zimbabwe is  resources ,the system is such that you work so hard and the yield is  so little particularly in the arts.

 Secondly the industry was male dominated at the time I started out ,there were so many prejudices against women in the Industry such that whatever we did as women in bands was not recognized. At the time I think there were 5 women led bands and for the rest women were pretty much treated as second class performers. That began to change when we established an organization that’s began to deliberately open space for young women. It has been an awesome journey.

Tell us 3 things the audience should know about you

I am a “whatever it takes” person…I am such a sucker for excellence I  will do anything to achieve it. One time I had to go bold on set because the bold cap wasn’t doing well. So  I shaved my 10 year old mane for the 5 minute video!

I  am a trailblazer ,I love a good challenge and anything that is out of the box…I am driven by adventure and  an occasional adrenaline rush.

 I love reading in my quiet space

What are your thoughts about Natural hair? (Do you wear your hair natural? When did you start?

I definitely wear my hair natural …soon after high school I shaved off my “cooked hair”, which was insisted on!! That was in 1999.

I  believe that a woman’s hair speaks to much more than just her beauty but it’s about self respect, confidence. I believe that wearing natural hair says  that I am complete within myself.

What is your own natural hair story?

Growing up my mother used to plait our hair…natural hair  and there was an aunt of mine who had this beautiful natural hair,  and every evening she would sit to braid it using Pieces of electric cords…those images never left my mind.

In high school we were forced to relax or have short hair.  I wanted my hair so I  “cooked” it but then it began to break and wasn’t growing as fast as I expected it to

Soon after high school,  after my last exam I passed by the barber and went bold.

Who are the 3 people who you look up to and why?

I know everyone says this but top of my list is my mother !She is a symbol of resilience, unconditional love and strength in my life. How she has run her life in spite of all the challenges she faced as a single mother.

 The leader in me looks up to the most controversial figure in all human history:  JESUS whose servanthood ,selfless and self sacrificing attitude towards life has made Him continue to have great followership many years after He walked the earth. That’s just so profound and staying after Him always challenges me to think of others before myself.

 Musically I was really inspired by the late Miriam Makeba…I admired so much from her career. She rose from being  a local champion to being an international icon.

Do you consider yourself a role model? Tell us why

I definitely am, for a while I didn’t know I was,   until I began to see many people emerging and coming up to me to say “you inspire me”. I had families approaching me to ask me to mentor their children and then I realised  that I needed to be  more deliberate in all that I did.

Tell us how you have reached your goals and what strategies do you have used to reach them?

I have not reached all my goals but for the few that I have.  I believe most were accomplished through faith, conviction that what I was doing was right and consistency in delivering my services.

Your health is your wealth. Tell us what you do to become or stay healthy

I watch my weight…I run thrice a week 7kms and I eat very natural. I am also a serious natural tea person. I have stayed away from alcohol and other substances. I am also at peace with my life. I have seen that contentment is key to good health

What can we expect to see from you this year?

This year I would like to release a book or two and just share a little of what I believe God has given as my story which I believe should be heard.

What are 3 lessons you would like to tell the audience reading your article?

1.Discover your purpose and run with it with the highest level of conconviction

2. Discover what and who is most important in your life and build those relationships

3.Learn the art of giving yourself

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