Eazy Shakes

Eazy Shakes is an Afro-contemporary artist based in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. The diminutive yet energetic artist is the founder and leader of the group Timeless Afro-FUsion or simply the group T. A. F. U (pronounced as ‘tough’.)

Timeless Afro-FUsion combines Zimbabwean traditional music with the modern Afro-centric genres to create a unique and yet scintillating sound that has won admiration from many local music lovers. The group was formed in the high-density suburb of Highfield in early 2018 when Eazy Shakes(real name Wilbert Shekede) teamed up with his long time musical friends to form a band. T. A. F. U as the group is affectionately called by its loyal fans comprises Eazy Shakes (Composer and Lead vocalist), Gringo (keyboardist and mbira), James (drums), Zozo (Backing vocalist and percussionist), Tatenda T1 (bassist) and Japonias (lead guitarist).

They mainly perform in the capital city Harare and on some occasions perform outside the city. However, like any other local band, Timeless Afro-FUsion has been adversely affected by the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. The government instructed lockdown has made it impossible to hold shows which are the main source of income for most bands. Eazy Shakes is hopeful that things will soon get back to normal so that he and his friend continue to pursue their musical journey.

Eazy Shakes is yet to produce an album but has been concentrating on releasing singles. His recent offering titled Ndiri Pwere has been doing quite well, getting airplay on such radio stations like Classic 263, Previous singles includes Usandisiye a love track and Chikende a song which recognizes the significance of African traditional wedding ceremonies in modern-day Africa.

Eazy Shakes claims that his music is inspired by old school Zimbabwean artists like the late James Chimombe, Don Gumbo, the queen of Mbira music Chioniso Maraire and many more. “I also love South African  Jazz and House grooves, Rumba music from Central Africa and Afro-beats from  West African as all those genres from the motherland influence my style of music,” explains Eazy Shakes.
Amid all the challenges and setbacks which affect the Zimbabwean music industry, Eazy Shakes has vowed to continue pursuing his musical dreams and hopes to one day tour the world with his band. For more information, you can contact Eazy Shakes on eazyshakesofficial@gmail.com.

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