Food that can damage your hair

Foods That Can Damage Your Hair

We know that food is the way to give our body the nutrition it needs to make healthy hair. There are many different options from fresh fruit to fatty fish. But did you know that food can damage your hair too?

Here are some of the foods that can damage your hair.


A glass of wine every now and then, or a delicious cocktail, will not hurt you. They even say that alcohol is good for digestion. However, alcohol also speeds up dehydration. Since your hair needs moisture, regular consumption of alcohol would not be considered a contribution to your healthy hair journey. Further, regular and continuous use of alcohol can reduce the level of zinc in your body. This could lead to hair loss, since we do need zinc for healthy hair growth.

Alcohol-- Foods that can damage your hair


Sweet sweet sugar, who does not love sugar related foods? But did you know that this is causing more problems than you would think?

Sugar hinders protein, and protein is important for your hair. Sugar also causes premature aging. Cut back on sugar, your hair is not the only thing that will benefit from that

sugar--foods that can damage your hair

Fast food, Pasta, Pizza, white bread

Eating a lot of fast food has the same effect on your hair as eating a lot of sugar.  The same goes for starchy foods like cakes, pasta, white bread. These all can lead to thinning of your hair. They can cause shrinkage of your follicle, and yes, this leads to hair loss.

Swordfish, Tuna and Mackerel

We know fish is healthy. However, some fish contain high levels of Mercury, which can lead to hair loss. So be conscious of the fish you eat

sword fish-- Foods that can damage your hair

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