Meet Aprayer Grant

Youngest black female radio presenter

My name is Aprayer Grant and I am 6 years old. I live in London UK, with my parents and my little sister Apromise. I am half Jamaican and half Indian.

I am a model, affirmation speaker, and a radio presenter. I am actually UK youngest black female radio presenter and this makes me so happy.

I am too young to understand how businesses work, however I am here for the journey that God has for me. I feel that it is important to encourage other children to love themselves, belief in themselves and to be kind to each other. My mum has recently set up a YouTube channel for me to do affirmations for my brothers and sisters. I just love to help people, pray for them, and want everyone to be kind to each other.

My mum and dad got me into modeling before I even knew what a model was. I am really enjoying this and have had many auditions, but unfortunately, I am still waiting for my big opportunity. I know it will come if I continue to pray about it as God answers prayers.

I also have my own radio show once a month on The Beat Radio 103.6fm on the last Saturday of each month between 10 am -11 am. The first show is on Saturday 25th July 2020 and I’m so excited. My show is called Kids Crown show and we will have lots of fun and will do education stuff. I will speak about black role models – Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, etc. I will also do affirmations and basically encourage us all to do good so we can be better people.

My afro is my crown

The reason why my show is called Kids Crown show is that all my brothers and sisters have an invisible crown and they need to know this. My afro is my crown and I think as black children we should love our skin complexions and aim for the stars. I think that’s my mission.

My mum calls me an entrepreneur which means I am gifted with many talents. I think everyone has a gift/talent and that they should follow their dreams. I believe in dreams and I believe in my affirmations.

My mum and dad have helped me to be an entrepreneur by guiding me, protecting me, and encouraging me.  My mum has told me that ‘I can be whatever I want to be’. There is nothing I can’t do. My mum said I must always pray and trust God and I think that is what has also helped me.

Sometimes when my dad films me, it can get stressful because I made a mistake and he needs to redo it again and again and again. I don’t really mind, but sometimes I just want to watch TV. I actually love what I do really.

My mum told me that I am a natural leader and that it is important that I do positive things so that other children can follow me. In school, I like to be unique because this helps me be a leader.

Set your goals, Pray about it, and work hard to reach for the stars.

Thank you so much for reading about me. Please can you follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my journey. @aprayersworld

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