Ezeh Chukwudi A. Natural In Nigeria

Natural in Nigeria

  • Have you always been natural ?

Yes. My natural hair journey started after high school. I attended a high where the hair style was low cut. After that I decided to let it grow, also what motivated me was my mum, she has always been on natural hair since when I was little till date .she has never used any extension on her hair. After 2 years I cut it short again when I applied a dye on my hair that causes hair breakage ,so I cut off the weak parts. Then started in 2017 ending again i got more knowledge and styles on rocking my natural hair .which makes me feel and look pretty.

Is there a tendency of women returning back to natural in Nigeria?

Yes, there is. ladies nowadays are beginning to embrace their natural hair because it makes them look lovely and unique and mostly natural hair is now in vogue. Ladies turning their natural hair into so many lovely styles .

Is there a natural hair movement in your country? What does it look like ,are there festivals/workshops/meet ups etc. Are you actively attending these if no why not?

  • No, except for some natural hair care sale that is held once in a while 

Is there good quality natural her workers in your country 

Yes, there are very good qualified natural hair care workers here in Nigeria.

How is “being natural “ appected in schools and corporate world.

In most high schools  in Nigeria natural hair is leading. It either is a low cut, a well styled hair or a braided natural hair . No extensions are allowed. This rule is being made in another to make the students look neat and smart. 

In the corporate world natural hair is also being accepted so far you present it in a neat and attractive way.

Is there a natural hair advocate in your country/area or bloggers you follow or do you take yourself as one? Why? 

Yes, we have a lot of natural hair advocates and bloggers and I follow a lot of them and I get loads of natural hair care ideas. 

Where do you get your information about natural hair from.(how did you learn to take care of it).

I get my natural hair info and tips care from my mum, Instagram and Pinterest 

I learnt more on how to take care of my natural hair from my mum and Pinterest 

How does the future of natural hair look in your country according to you?

For me I see a lot of women going natural in my country in the future  because presently most women aspect natural hair nowadays. So the future for natural hair in my country is bright. 

What are the influences from outside countries (and what countries are those) benefited the natural hair movement

The influences from outside the country like South Africa, Kenya India etc. majority of them are living in the country’s aspect of natural hair, which is turning to a new trend in the world of today.

Do you think that the natural hair movement in your area is driven by influencers from outside. What your view on this??

  • No, the natural hair movement in my area is driven by the influencers we have here in Nigeria, for example: some of the female Nollywood actors started the natural hair look which in them attracted and made a lot of young girls to appreciate, nurture and value their hair. Which boosted the acceptance of having to take quality care of our hair by getting the right hair products, the influencers we have here serve as Role models to us.


My name is Ezeh chukwudi amobi. I’m from Nigeria. 

I hail from Imo state. I was born in Lagos Nigeria, on 6the November 1999. Relocated to Enugu after my dad passed on. I’m presently in my final year studying applied biology and biotechnology, in the university of science and technology Enugu, Nigeria. 

I also own a business 

Tasty craft cakes and confectionery. Which started in 2018.Since when I was little I have been passionate about cooking and baking, I cooked my first dish at the age of eight. I prepared a local delicacy called ukwa. (Breadfruit).as years my cooking skills grew better all thanks to my mum. Which I learnt the cooking and baking skills from, and enrolled me in a baking school which I learnt more tips in baking.

Mixing up business and studies has never been easy, but I’m so passionate about baking anything that has to do with food and offering quality services to my customers.

I have my business page on Instagram @official_tastycraft 

I have a business page on Facebook baring my business and name 

Ezeh chukwudi amobi and official_tastycraft 

And my WhatsApp number:+234135085234


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