Amanda, Natural in Norway

My name is Amanda and I am a 28 years old Brazilian who lives in Norway.

I used to relax my hair when I was 9.  In 2014, I got tired of being dependent on chemicals and decided to go natural. That wasn’t easy and I failed during my first try. But the more I researched, the more curious I got about my afro hair. So, I finally did my Big chop by the end of 2015.

For years, black women grew up with a lack of representation in the media. Our hair, facial traces, and skin color were not desirable. Fortunately, things are changing now. Having natural hair is not only a trend, but it is also a political statement. I believe that black women can connect more with our ancestrality and embrace our blackness through the transition/big chop process.


Ntural in NorwayWhen I got to Norway (2016), I had no clue of how I should take care of my hair. It was very difficult to find hair products, but I can tell the difference now, 4 years later. I recently found a very good professional who is specialized in protective styles, and I must say that it changed a lot the way I used to think about hair care.

It is strange because I feel more comfortable wearing my natural hair here in Norway, than in Brazil. I went to a job interview, at a fancy hotel, wearing box braids and I felt like I would never feel so confident to do it in my homeland. 

I am not an influencer, but I do follow several black girls on youtube. I learn a lot from them.

More and more I see women wearing their natural hair and this is amazing! I believe that the next generations will be more aware of the use of chemical procedures in the hair and that our afro hair will no longer be seen as something “exotic” and it is going to be more and more present and appreciated in the media.

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